Saudi Society for Nuclear Medicine

About the Society

  The use of radioactive isotopes (radioisotopes) in the medical field is one of the latest developments in modern medicine. Nuclear medicine is the branch of medical isotopes are used to diagnose certain diseases and infections, has been named Balnowi relative to the nucleus of an atom, a source of radiation emitted by these radioactive materials and nuclear medicine is the newest technology applications in the medical field. Due to the increased services capabilities and the development of nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic and the spread of nuclear medicine centers in various parts of the Kingdom.
Was established by the Saudi Society of Nuclear Medicine under the auspices of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, the decision of the University Council at its first meeting held on 10/9/1427 AH corresponding to 3/10/2006 to operate under the umbrella of the University and direct control and thus exercise its functions and activities of the public in the development of theoretical knowledge and applied to advice and scientific studies and practical medical sectors of the public and private, in accordance with the provisions and rules contained in the rules applicable in this context.
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