Saudi Society for Nuclear Medicine

Mission and Objectives

 Mission :

Sophistication level of scientific and professional performance of doctors, as well as attention to a generation of doctors in the fields of medicine with traditional values and professionalism, skill and excellence HH moral and scientific innovation and research.

Objectives :

- Improving the performance of nuclear medicine physicians through medical conferences and symposia and workshops in the area of specialization.
- To strengthen the bonds of cooperation between nuclear medicine physicians in different subspecialties.
- Organization of work in collaboration with government agencies such as the Saudi Council for Medical Specialties to improve the quality medical service.
- Publication of periodicals and journals in the field of specialization.
- Communicate with similar associations in the Arab world and international representation of the field of nuclear medicine in the Arab and international forums.
- The definition of medical staff in various medical sciences Bmahep nuclear medicine and its benefits to serve patients.
- Definition of the Saudi society services and the benefits of nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat.

- Work to increase medical awareness in Saudi society and through the publication of medical articles and interviews with specialists in various media.
- Dumping and the establishment of scientific and educational lectures in the major cities.

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