Saudi Society for Nuclear Medicine


  1 - To encourage research and scientific consulting.
2 - Form and the translation of scientific books in the field of nuclear medicine.
3 - Conducting scientific studies of the development aspects of the practice applied.
4 - holding symposiums, seminars and courses related to areas of the concerns of the Assembly include:
A - Annual Scientific Conference of the Society.
B - courses can be classified as such professional (doctors - professionals - physicists), which can be periodically.
5 - Issue of studies and publications and scientific journals that relate to areas of the concerns of the Assembly and could include:
A - Periodic Review of Nuclear Medicine (and could be between two and six months)
B - web information - the Internet.
6 - To provide continuing medical education certificates approved.
7 - Participation in local and international exhibitions.
8 - to invite scholars and intellectuals with a relationship to participate in the activities of the Association according to the procedures of the Organization.
9 - Organizing scientific expeditions to the members of the Assembly and the establishment of scientific competitions in the field of specialization.
10 - the practice of professional counseling among members of the Assembly for the benefit of medical service, which invests in the service of the patient.
11 - work to educate the Saudi society Bmahep nuclear medicine through leaflets, booklets and audio-visual media.
12 - the definition of medical staff in various medical sciences Bmahep nuclear medicine and its benefits to serve patients as well as the value of research.
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